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About the Programs

Leadership LINX is a portal designed to connect leaders across all health authorities in BC.

Leadership LINX was developed by PHSA for BC Health Leadership Development Collaborative (BCHLDC).

The site

BCHLDC is a province-wide collaboration between all health authorities, driven by a strong and innovative team agreement. BCHLDC supports, develops, engages and advocates for leaders with the ultimate goal of delivering exceptional patient outcomes. 
Leadership LINX Portal is intended to accompany Leadership Development courses, programs and services to further engage participants outside of the classroom. The site offers easy access to store and share documents with other site members; opportunities to lead, participate or follow discussions to promote collaboration and communication; and to share web links to educate and inspire members across the health authorities.

The programs

Core LINX 

Core LINX is designed to support new and emerging leaders and managers. It includes 14 leadership modules based on the LEADS Capability Framework and 6+ Management (transactional) Modules. This program is open to both unionized leaders and non-contract managers. Participants (Cohort model) are required to attend all modules and complete pre- and post module work (1 hour per module).


Experience LINX

Experience LINX is designed to support leaders and managers with 2-3 years of experience. The curriculum includes 3 modules; exploring personal leadership, leading through relationship and leading in systems. Sessions are followed by a day of wrap up and graduation. This program is open to both the unionized leaders and non-contract managers. Participants are required to attend all 11 days of the program, engage in 6 hours of triad work (between the first and second modules), and do both pre and post module work (reading, journal writing, etc). 

Transforming LINX 

Transforming LINX is uniquely designed for Senior Leaders and is intended to help them navigate the complexities of the healthcare environment and drive transformational change within the system by:
  • Participating in 3 three-day leadership residencies in Vancouver,
  • Joining in a peer-to-peer online community experience,
  • Embarking upon a significant systemic Action Learning Project (ALP),
  • Engaging in 1:1 and ALP team coaching

This program is focused on senior leaders with potential to report to a CEO in 1-3 years. It is expected that the participant commit to a substantial amount of ALP work between residencies.

Coaching LINX

Coaching LINX includes two programs. 

Coaching Out of the Box (COOTBx) is designed for leaders and managers who want to learn the art of coaching. This program is open to both unionized leaders and non-contract managers. Participants are expected to attend a full 2-day in-class program, plus 6 1-hour post-program coaching practice triad sessions.

Coaching for Senior Leaders is on an as-needed basis.

Mentoring LINX 

Mentoring LINX connects health care leaders across BC in a dynamic network of learning, sharing, and growth. Through their relationships with one another, mentors and mentees enhance  their potential and create a culture where leadership is valued and nurtured. This program is open to both unionized leaders and non-contract managers.‎

Learner needs

Examples of learner needs

The provincially developed programs support the leadership development of BC healthcare leaders and managers. The programs build on one another and although not a requirement, it is advantageous to ensure that individuals have the foundational knowledge and skills before attending a program. 

Leadership development is most effective if it focuses on the individualized needs of the leaders and should be identified through the process of performance planning and review resulting in a learning plan. Below are some examples to assist you to understand how the programs and resources available to managers and leaders can help support them in their current and aspired to role.

  1. Although Sam is a manager who has been at PHSA for several years, she had never had any formal training. Her manager suggested that she first attend Core LINX before the Experience LINX program so that she can build on the learning from each. Sam also accessed a mentor from another Health Authority in the Province through the Mentoring LINX program.
  2. Jamie has just got a job at PHSA as a manager. He has come to PHSA with over 5 years of management experience and has undertaken formal leadership learning similar to that contained within the Core LINX program. After performance planning with his supervisor, Jamie was supported to attend the Experience LINX program after a year of being in his new role.
  3. Linda is an experienced manager with 10 years of management experience at PHSA. She has already attended the Experience LINX program and Coaching out of the Box as well as a variety of external learning and development opportunities. She is looking to move into a director role and is seen to be a talented manager. Linda has taken on a couple of stretch assignments which provide her with opportunities to use and further develop her skill set. She is now thinking of pursuing 1:1 Coaching and will be discussing this opportunity with her director in the near future.
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